Final blog chapter (January 5th, 2015) :

I think that what I’ve posted on this blog (and others) is not totally disconnected with the situation I’m in now, check out : 31 December : the parcel I should received, after… Continue reading

Wilhelm von Gloeden’s Photographs.

Wilhelm von Gloeden.. That the actual internet censure have not yet come until him…Make the most of it, while it’s still time to do… Here some young boys of South Italy end-XIXe s.

A Gay Nudist’s Year-End Reflections

Year-End Reflections.

World Kindness Day, The Golden Rule and ShelterBox

A hopeful Word Press place, worth to follow : World Kindness Day, The Golden Rule and ShelterBox.

December 2014, 1st Global Financial Integrity on Illicit Financial Flows from Developing Countries

Illicit-Financial-Flows-from-Developing-Countries-2003-2012 Click the link above for the full pdf report. US$ 991.2 billion flowed illicitly out of developing and emerging economies in 2012, the latest year for which data is available. The illegal capital… Continue reading

#GlobalOrgasmDay 21 December 2014, Here We Go !

The countdown of the 24 hours has been starting. Enjoy yourself ! And all the best, common unique intense climax-solstice for beginning the New Light-year 2014…

D-1 before #GlobalOrgasmDay (21 Dec. 2014)

D-2 before the Global Orgasm Day

Get ready for spreading a common message of love and peace around the world on 21 December… two, one…

About the Secular Student Alliance

About the Secular Student Alliance. First and foremost this short vid-intro : [here we go !] For the SecularSutdents YouTube Channel [Click here] For this year SSA 2014 annual Conference I watched the… Continue reading